Mende: Chimney Demolition & Special Dismantling

The chimney demolition grew in importance in the 90s and today it is the core business of our company. Masonry and reinforced concrete chimneys are removed automatically and manually by us. As a part of the demolition we take care for the transport and correct disposal of all ablated materials.

Your expert for the demolition of chimneys

Our services also include the controlled demolition of all tower-like structures such as silos, high reservoirs, radio towers, skyscrapers, water or cooling towers. We likewise assume the dismantling of steel chimney- and filter systems.

Over 50 years of experience

We perform all work using the most modern techniques of demolition (drilling, sawing and other demolition technologies). For a safe, professional and timesaving disassembly the various machines available to us. Through our many years of experience and knowledge we can appropriately perform our work also in contaminated areas. Similarly, we can carry out the demolition or partial demolition of chimneys during operational production.

Mende Schornsteinbau GmbH & Co KG - Your Partner for the demolition of chimneys from various materials.